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DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
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Supervised Self Build (Any size model) & Setup
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Supervised Self Build (Any size model) & Setup
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Whilst there are one or two exceptions to the rule (most usually scale and industrial type models), a model helicopter is much like a big meccano set, in as much as they need to be carefully screwed and bolted together. However, all model helicopters are machines engineered to very fine tolerances, so anyone building one with the attitude of “Oh that will do!” or “That’s close enough!” are likely to end up with an unflyable and potentially lethal model.

It is therefore essential that the model is built and setup accurately, and by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. A well set up helicopter can almost fly itself which makes the learning process a whole lot easier. Consequently, we strongly recommend anyone new to model helicopters have their model professionally setup before they attempt to fly it, and even then we also recommend lessons before attempting your first solo flight. Similarly, if you are an experienced pilot and builder, but just don’t have the time to build, re-commission or repair a damaged model, we can help.

As a model helicopter is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment, it should be routinely checked and maintained. Specifically check that everything is tight and without signs of wear, look at linkages and blades etc. for signs of wear or damage. This should ideally be done at the beginning and end of each flight. With most model helicopter designs, everything is reasonably visible, making spot inspections quick, easy and painless. If you suspect any component is damaged or faulty, it is far better to replace it, rather than risk endangering the model or worse, you and the people around you.

Supervised self build
With this option, you join us in our workshop where you will be provided with an area of workbench to build your own model. Our fully-equipped workshop has every tool that you may need during the build. We won't stand over you during the entire build; instead, we will ensure our technician is available to help. If at any stage you experience problems, are not sure about what to do next or are having difficulties following the manual, we will be on-hand to help out. Once the model is complete, we will inspect it, make any recommendations or point out any areas of the model needing further attention. We will then perform a full accompanied setup (see above) following which we will move on to the flying site for the first flight, make any minor adjustments or fine tuning necessary, and we may, if required, customise some of the transmitter settings to your personal preference.

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